Room Booking Guidelines

Book a Meeting Room / Study Room online.  Facilities, resources and services are provided at the library branches for the learning, teaching and research activities of students of Monash University. For further questions about bookings, contact the library.

To make a booking:

1. Click on a link below to take you to the Room Booking page.
2. Select the room, date and time required.
3. Bookings are made in 30 minute slots and for a maximum of two hours per day.
4. Login using your Monash email address (as username) and authcate password to submit your booking.
5. Specify a public reservation name to help your group mates identify your booking. This step is optional and you can leave it blank.
6. Confirmation email will be sent to your Monash email address.

Use of Adaptive Technology Rooms:

If you are registered with Disability Services and wish to book one of the libraries Adaptive Technology rooms please go to this page or if you would like to book the Hargrave-Andrew Library ATR please go to this page.